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Multipurpose, Extreme Pressure Lithium Complex Grease; NLGI GC LB Certified. KendallĀ® L-427 Super Blu Grease is a high-quality, multipurpose, extreme pressure (EP) lithium complex grease developed to satisfy the severe lubrication requirements of heavily-loaded plain and rolling-element bearings operating at moderate to high temperatures. It is NLGI GC-LB certified for use as a multipurpose automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubricant. L-427 Super Blu Grease is manufactured with high-quality paraffinic base oils thickened with a lithium complex soap. It contains an extreme pressure additive, a tackifier, and rust and oxidation inhibitors to provide excellent wear protection, excellent thermal stability at high temperatures, and excellent resistance to corrosion and water washout.

Wheel bearings on passenger cars, light trucks, high-performance vehicles, sport utility vehicles and motorcycles with disc brakes, ball joints, universal joints, other chassis parts and water pumps on passenger cars, trucks and other mobile equipment

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DescriptionKendall L-427 Super Blu Grease EP 2 120 lb Keg
Manufacturer Part Number1073832
MSDS - SDSke726670
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