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Kendall Special Limited-Slip Gear Lubricant is an extreme pressure, API GL-5, SAE 80W-90 automotive gear oil specially designed to satisfy the lubrication needs of most limited-slip rear axles.

Special Limited-Slip Gear Lubricant will provide excellent protection in passenger car and truck axles with either conventional or limited-slip differentials. It may be used for initial fill of new or rebuilt limited-slip differentials, for top-off and for refill after a complete drain.


Excellent load-carrying capacity for protection against scuffing and wear.
Helps minimize sludge and varnish formation.
Good rust and corrosion protection.
Good foam resistance.
Friction-modified to prevent chatter in limited-slip and positraction differentials.

Part Numberke1073858
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DescriptionKendall 80w90 Gear Lube Limited Slip 12/1 Qt.
Manufacturer Part Number1073858
MSDS - SDSke726210
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