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Magic Finish Flex Ceramic Protectant

Magic Finish Flex Ceramic Protectant is highly recommended for use in tunnels, automatics and self serves. This new ceramic product utilizes the latest in silica technology to exceed the endurance, shine and nano effects of common, traditional wash products and protective sealants. Experience a dryer, shinier car with lasting paint protection and endurance!

A ceramic material is an inorganic, non-metalic, crystalline oxide substance most often comprised of additional elements such as carbon and silicone. Ceramic materials do not deteriorate from chemical erosion and can withstand exceedingly high temperatures. These properties are a result of their very stable structure and composition. Ceramics are composed building blocks and as a result. enjoy these qualities, high shine, durability and are extremely hydrophobic.

Part Numbercm4298
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BrandMagic Finish
DescriptionMagic Finish Flex Ceramic 30 Gallon Drum
Manufacturer Part Number4298
MSDS - SDScm4296
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