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Shell Mysella S5 S is a premium gas engine oil, formulated for use in engines burning non-natural "sour" gas, such as biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas. Shell Mysella S5 S has been specially developed to provide extended oil drain intervals in engines running on biogas, sewage gas and landfill gases. Shell Mysella uses a formulation which has been optimised to resist the corrosive and oxidative effects of sulphuric and halogenic acids which are often present in these gases. With its low ash content, Shell Mysella S5 S minimizes the contribution of the lubricating oil to combustion chamber deposits.

Part Numbersh550036572
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DescriptionMysella S5 S 40 55 Gallon Drum
Manufacturer Part Number550036572
MSDS - SDSsh001E7188
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