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Eagle Picher Diatomaceous Earth

Eagle Picher is easy to apply and economical, since it can be spread by hand or scoop.

It absorbs floor spills immediately and its structure allows it to absorb two to three times more liquid compared to an equal weight of most granular competitive products.

Eagle Picher #85 Diatomite Floor Absorbent, 25lb bag

Environmentally safe, user friendly and calcined to increase particle strength. Each bag will absorb 10 quarts of oil. Can be recycled!

  • Absorbs most liquids
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive & non-combustible
  • Contains less aggravating dust

Each scoop of Floor-Dry contains millions of natural microscopic diatom "sponges". These unique honeycombed structures allow Floor-Dry to hold liquids, absorbing immediately!

  • All purpose absorbent for automotive garages, workshops, clean-ups, industrial spill clean ups, control, containment.
  • Lightweight, less weight means less back strain.
  • Safe for landfills. Passes the LRT liquid release test.
  • Acceptable for use in industrial and food processing industries.
  • Reduces potential slip hazards on oily surfaces.
  • Will absorb nearly its own weight in oil or water.
  • Starts absorbing immediately.
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BrandEagle Picher
DescriptionDiatomaceous Earth 25 lb Absorbent EP
Manufacturer Part Number250p
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