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Oil-Dri Absorbs-It Clay Absorbent

Weight vs. Volume: Clay absorbents have traditionally been packaged by weight, most commonly 40 lb. & 50 lb. bags. Now packaged by volume, Oil-Dri offers an equally sized bag as the competition at a lighter weight. Introducing Oil-Dri’s Absorbs-It new 28 quart and 35 quart bags. 

Bulk Density Matters: Given its low bulk density, one cubic ft. of Absorbs-It weighs far less than one cubic ft. of the competitor’s comparable clay. Here’s why

  • Type of Minerals: Oil-Dri processes three unique absorbent minerals from multiple locations across the country. These minerals naturally have low bulk density due to high surface area and extensive porosity.
  • Moisture Content: Extreme thermal processing drives 97% moisture from the clay, making it lighter weight with a low bulk density.
  • Porosity: Hundreds of tiny air pockets within each granule carry no weight and allow for fluid retention within the clay.

More Absorbent: Even at a reduced weight, Absorbs-It is more absorbent than the comparable clay competitor!

Apples to Apples: New volume packaging allows for more accurate market comparisons of like products. Oil-Dri bags are now closer in size and product fill as our competition.

Part Numberodi01140g50
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DescriptionOil Dri Absorbs-It 28 qt Absorbent
Manufacturer Part Numberi01128-g60
MSDS - SDSod1003004
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