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Petro-Canada ATF+4R

Petro-Canada ATF+4R is an automatic transmission fluid specially formulated to meet the needs of Chrysler automatic transmissions. This highly shear-stable fluid delivers superior shift performance and wear protection in the Chrysler transmissions for which it was designed. Meets Chrysler MS-9602 specifications. Suitable for top-up or complete fluid changes. It may also be used where earlier Chrysler fluids, such as Chrysler ATF+3R were recommended. Petro-Canada ATF+4R contributes to the overall performance of the transmission by delivering optimized shift efficiency, exceptional oxidation and shear stability and extended drain intervals over ATF+3R fluids.

Part Numberpechryatf4drm
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DescriptionATF+4 Transmission Fluid 54.2 Gallon Drum
Manufacturer Part Numberchryatf4drm
MSDS - SDSpechryatf4
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