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Diagnosing a dirty Cabin Air Filter

More than 85% of vehicles model year 2006 and newer have a cabin air filter.

Cabin air filters are one of the fastest growing filter segments as consumer awareness continues to grow. Installers sometimes struggle with this important add-on sale because it can be a hassle to remove a cabin air filter to only find a clean filer inside that doesn't need service.

Digital anemometer Wind Speed and Temperature device eliminates that question.

Anemometers are a very common tool used in the HVAC industry to measure air speed and can be utilized to determine if a cabin air filter needs replacement without having to take it out of the vehicle for a visual inspection. 

  1. Turn vehicle's ventilation full blast through the dashboard vents.
  2. Measure the air speed using the anemometer. Anything below 9 mph tells you that a dirty cabin air filter needs service.
  3. Remove the filter and show the customer
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DescriptionDigital Anemometer Wind Speed and Temperature
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