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Maxfilm is Recommended For:

  • Loosening stuck parts such as nuts, bolts, locks, hinges, etc.

  • Lubrication of power tools, hinges, chains, rollers, open gears, fishing tackle, lawn equipment, etc.

  • Preserving and protecting parts in storage, disassembled machinery parts, wire ropes, etc., against rust and corrosion

  • Use as a manual cutting fluid to facilitate the ease of hand drilling, tapping, metal cutting, etc., of steel and aluminum

  • For best results shake Maxfilm well before each use and use the can in an upright position to maximize aerosol propellant life.
Part Numberrp10035
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BrandRoyal Purple
DescriptionMaxfilm Penetrating Lubricant 12/4 oz.
Manufacturer Part Number10035
MSDS - SDSrpmfilm
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