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Heavy-duty series hose reels Reconditioned

The heavy-duty series reels are the finest Lincoln lube reels ever designed. Years of engineering, testing and experience preceded their introduction. The quality and reliability the professional expects from Lincoln is not only met but exceeded in form and function by the heavy-duty series. Value, long-life and top performance were the criteria demanded before these incredible reels were released.

You should expect the best from Lincoln and the heavy-duty series reel delivers it.


  • All bare reels rated for high, medium and low pressure
  • Reel assemblies available in standard 30, 40 and 50 ft. (9, 12 and 15 m) hose lengths
  • Dual needle roller bearings
  • Ball bearing inlet swivel design
  • Quick disconnects on delivery and connecting hose
  • Spring canister with seals
  • Thirteen position roller outlet arm
  • Delrin rollers
  • Quarter-inch thick steel welded base and roller outlet arm
  • Reel sheaves are rolled
  • Components individually powder painted for long life and scratch resistance
  • All reel assemblies factory assembled and pressure tested to insure a quality leak-free installation every time
  • Basic reel assemblies can be ordered with one model number; include delivery hose, ball stop and connecting hose
  • Complete reel assemblies with meter, control valve or air coupler are also available as one model number
  • Backed by a five-year limited warranty.

    Bare reels for grease, oil, air and water

  • Reel application Heavy duty long length
  • Length 50 ft / 15 m
  • Inlet Size 1/2 NPT (f)
  • Pressure Working psi 8000 / bar 552
  • Sheave Width in 5 1/2 / mm 140
  • Hose Capacity Type 75, 76A, 76B, 73, 78, Class A
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DescriptionReconditioned Lincoln Oil Reel
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